3 Ways to Keep Your Cool in 2021

Relax. Take a deep breath. We’re all in this together.

Ronald Don-Thomas
4 min readJan 30, 2021


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I think it’s safe to say that anyone who survived the year 2020 and is still somehow maneuvering through this new year deserves a hug. From what seems like one catastrophic event after another, it’s easily understandable how anyone would be on edge and filled to the brim with any alcoholic beverage of their choosing. It’s been a rough ride.

Nonetheless, we’re still here. We’ve all been doing the best we can and hopefully still remaining optimistic. With 1 month down and 11 more to go, I’ve listed 3 fundamental ways to help keep your cool for this new year. All of these methods are ones that I practice personally and can honestly say that they’ve all helped me keep a level head. Try implementing 1, if not all, of these methods into your daily routine to hopefully relieve some of the angst we’ve all had to endure.

1. Put…Your Phone…DOWN! (Turn off the TV)

This for me has been vital. You have got to disconnect from the alerts, dramatic headlines, and breaking news updates that have consumed our mainstream media. I admit that this was hard for me at first because I was always eager to, “be in the know.” I felt like if I was aware of breaking news early enough, I’d have that much more time to prepare and put a plan in place. Though this can be true, it still comes down to moderation.

I found it best to now break my phone browsing down in 3 segments. Morning, Noon and Night. Early in the morning, right before you begin the productive hours of your day, allow yourself time to learn of any news that may have occurred while you were asleep the night before.

In the afternoon, during your lunch break, is another opportunity you can take to check your phone and learn of any updates that may have transpired during the early half of the day. Then lastly, one more time at the end of the day when you can unwind and see how the world is (hopefully) simmering down for the day.

Consuming too much heartbreaking or infuriating information isn’t beneficial for your mental and emotional stability. Again, everything in moderation. It’s ok to stay informed but know when to disconnect.



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