Every time I think I have a decent grip on the concept of life, or just the world in general, some sh!@ happens that completely throws my theories out the window.

Clearly, it’s not about who’s the richest (sorta) or the most righteous.

It’s not about who’s the smartest or strongest.

Vanity, at times, seems to reign supreme..but even that can quickly be dismissed in the grand scheme of things.

Greed..evil…corruption..love…hate..it’s all fair game.

To be quite honest…my thoughts are a bit scrambled.

I literally said the title of this post out loud to myself and just started writing.


To wed… Or not to wed? That is the question.

A young caucasian male holding his hands to his head in slight fear and uncertainty.
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Imagine if you will, a good ol’ fashioned tug-of-war game. On one side you have members of team “Marriage” and on the other, team “Single.” Both teams are passionate, full of life, and hardcore advocates as to why their side is the best — then there’s me.

As a 31-year old (32 in April) single male who admires the conviction and arguments of both sides, I still stand in the middle, as the curious on-looker, who’s not fully sure which side to give full allegiance.

I’m at the age now…

If not now….then when?

When exactly will my deepest heart's desires come to fruition?

It’s no longer a question of if they will…for that I’m certain.

But when?

When does one actually reach the light at the end of the tunnel?

I’m grateful for the learning experiences along the way.

If not for experience…how would I learn?

I’ve been asking God to increase my strength.

Strengthen my health, my patience, my mental and emotional stability.

I never ask that he completely remove the trials and tribulations.

I need those.

It’s within the trials that I gain my strength.

They provide…

I’m getting a lot better at making conscious attempts of keeping these fundamental traits at the forefront of my life.

For those who are passionate about their own personal development


This has happened before, remember?

The uncertainty?…the agonizing feeling of being stagnant?

The endless mind wandering and confusion?

It sucks, I know… But we’ve always persevered, right?

Haven’t we…

Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

If I remember correctly, it was around July or August of last year when I first truly learned about stoicism. I was doing my routine Youtube browsing on different topics within the realm of personal development and inevitably stumbled across a video by Ryan Holiday from his Youtube channel called Daily Stoic.

After watching a few videos, I realized that stoicism was a concept that rung a vague bell. I remembered taking a Philosophy course during my brief run in college but to be honest, very little actually resonated with me. …

Relax. Take a deep breath. We’re all in this together.

Photo by Usman Yousaf on Unsplash

I think it’s safe to say that anyone who survived the year 2020 and is still somehow maneuvering through this new year deserves a hug. From what seems like one catastrophic event after another, it’s easily understandable how anyone would be on edge and filled to the brim with any alcoholic beverage of their choosing. It’s been a rough ride.

Nonetheless, we’re still here. We’ve all been doing the best we can and hopefully still remaining optimistic. With 1 month down and 11 more to go, I’ve listed 3 fundamental ways to help keep your cool for this new year…

Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash

I don’t know why, but as of late, it seems as if I’ve been more irritable than usual. Being someone who engages in internal dialogue often, pin-pointing the root of this emotion was a must. So far, I’ve concluded that the source of why I’ve been feeling this way comes from two places: Myself and the circumstances around me.

I’m a firm advocate for self-accountability. First, looking deep within and finding the reason(s) why I was irritated with myself seemed like the best place to start. …

Ronald Don-Thomas

Infatuated with Personal Development/Spirituality/Philosophy Ponder.Share.Repeat. www.donthomasdirect.com

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